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Vinyl Cleaner and Vinyl Conditioner Winter Tips

vinyl cleaner
Written by
John Lakkis
Published on
December 29, 2015

If you are trying to protect your boat’s vinyl from drying and cracking this winter then consider the regular use of a vinyl conditioner like Wipe Out Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner.  The gentle cleaners are designed for marine grade vinyl and will remove any ground in dirt and grime from cushions, seat backs and headrest.

What makes Wipe Out Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioner so popular is after cleaning the vinyl, while leaving a moisturizing coat of conditioner that will keep the vinyl soft and supple during the cold months.

Having a clean and conditioned vinyl surface will also help slow down the growth of any mold and mildew so spring clean up will be a breeze.

Should I Use A Vinyl Cleaner and Condition?

We have received a lot of questions about what is the right way to use a vinyl cleaner and whether a conditioner is required for each application. Another common question that boat and watercraft owners ask us is how to safely remove stains with a vinyl cleaner.

We always recommend that you test in an inconspicuous area first. We also do not recommend using abrasive scrubbing tools, brushes and scrubbing sponges. Overly aggressive application tools can scratch the vinyl surface and permanently damage it. Apply Wipe Out Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioner then allow it to dwell. Wipe with a towel. You can reapply the vinyl clean and allow to dwell. Then use a soft brush and wipe with a towel.

It is important that you use a vinyl conditioner after you use a vinyl cleaner. Leaving vinyl, and especially marine grade vinyl found in most boats and watercraft, unconditioned will damage the vinyl surface and lead to cracking and splitting. Whether you are cleaning your Centurion, Tige, MasterCraft or Malibu boat you will want to clean and protect your vinyl.

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