8″ Wool Cutting Pad


Grab our 8” x 1.25” Wool Cutting Pad for all your restoration needs. Made of 100% twisted, heavy-cut wool with a hook and loop backing for easy use, our 8” Wool Cutting Pad will have your boat looking its best in no time.

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Use our 8” Wool Cutting Pad with any Liquid Compound or Cleaner Wax to remove scratches and heavy oxidation and to restore your boat’s surface and gel coat. To get the most use out of your pads, follow these tips:
  1. Use one wool pad per detailing product
  2. Store your wool boat detailing pads in a gallon zip bag. Write the name of the product you used with the pad on the bag with a permanent marker.
  3. To clean your wool pads, hand-wash them then wring them out and let them air dry to ensure the Velcro® does not delaminate from excessive washing or heat from the dryer.

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Absolutely. Reach out to us for information about becoming a dealer for Hula Boat Care’s boat products, including our 8” Wool Cutting Pad.

You can re-use the 8” Wool Cutting Pad. Simply store the pad in a zip-top bag and write the name of the product you used it with on the outside of the bag.

Our wool pads are washable. Just be sure to hand-wash the pads and let them air dry. Heat from the dryer can delaminate the hook and loop fasteners.

We recommend using our 8” Wool Cutting Pad with Rip Tide Liquid Compound to get the best finish and protection for your boat.