Gnarly Marine Water Spot Remover #9


Make removing water spots from your boat hull easy with Gnarly Boat Water Spot Remover. Easily wipe away water spots without removing the wax to maintain the gloss and shine on your boat or watercraft.

This product is available in two sizes: 16oz (HBC-0916) and 1-Gallon (HBC-0901)


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Don’t spend all your time trying to remove water spots after a day on the water. The newly improved formula for Gnarly Marine & Boat Water Spot Remover uses fruit acids to break up and dissolve lime, mineral deposits, and similar contaminants that have dried and bonded to the surfaces of your boat without stripping the wax. Just spray on and wipe off to get your gel coat, chrome, plastics, paint, and glass clean in a hurry. Our unique formulation includes polymers that don’t just clean but also protect your boat.  
  • Will not strip wax
  • Fortified with polymers to add protection
  • Removes water spots from glass 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • 100% safe for marine life
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Smells great
  1. Spray our water spot remover liberally to cover a 2’ x 2’ area.
  2. Allow the product to penetrate the water spots for up to 30 seconds.
  3. Wipe the boat’s surface with a clean dry towel changing when it becomes wet
  “The spot remover spray works well. I have a white boat…I found some water spots that have been on my boat for about 3 weeks now and they easily came off with a little product and just wiping with a cloth. What I did notice is that the smell is very very subtle compared to other products I use or have tried. It’s a good smell but not overwhelming, so if someone doesn’t really care for the smell, it will not stop them from buying your product because it is so subtle.” John R. – Axis Wake Forum 2013  
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Gnarly Boat Water Spot Remover works on a variety of surfaces. Simply spray, wait 30 seconds, and dry with a clean towel. This process works for gel coats, chrome, plastics, paint, and glass.

You love seeing your boat shine, but water spots make it difficult to see your boat’s full beauty. Spray Gnarly Boat Water Spot Remover #9, wait 30 seconds, and dry with a clean towel.