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Foam and Wool Boat Detailing Pads Care and Use

Written by
John Lakkis
Published on
April 19, 2016
As boat owners we want the deepest shine and lasting results with the minimal amount of time away from the water. Professional results are possible when you use quality products like Hula Boat Care’s gelcoat and surface care waxes and compounds. When matched with Hula’s line of boat detailing foam and wool pads, along with the right technique, you can leave your boat with a world-class shine! Taking this idea further we have developed the following recommendations for getting the best results from your foam and wool boat detailing pads. Gel Coat Restoration Detailing Product and Detailing Pad Matching Tips Compound Scratch removal, heavy oxidation removals, surface restoration and gel coat restoration Product – Rip Tide Liquid Compound Detailing Pad – Wool Cutting Pad Polish Light scratch removal, restore shine and light deoxidation Product – Hang Ten Cleaner Wax Detailing Pad – Green Foam Polishing Pad Seal Create a high gloss finish, leave a protective and water repellant coating Product – Big Kahuna Polymer Sealant Detailing Pad – Blue Foam Finishing Pad Getting the Most out of Your Foam and Wool Pads There are a lot of different opinions and information on the types of pads used in boat detailing. Whether you prefer foam or wool, or use both, you want to get the most out of your accessories. We created three simple tips that will allow you to get the best performance and provide the longest life for your foam and wool boat detailing pads.
  1. Correctly use your pads – Only use one foam or wool pad per detailing product
  2. Properly store your pads – Store your foam and wool boat detailing pads in a gallon zip bag. Write the name or the product used with the pad on the bag (with a sharpie).
  3. Care for your pads – wool pads and foam pads can be hand washed, wrung and air dried to ensure that the Velcro® does not delaminate from excessive washing or heat from a drier.
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John Lakkis

After using the three part system (compound, hang ten wax, and sealant) I believe the name should be changed to time machine in a bottle! Thanks for creating such a wonderful product.
1985 Bayliner Owner
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