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Boat Wax and Cleaner Wax

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Written by
John Lakkis
Published on
February 27, 2016

Boat wax, cleaner wax, boat polisher…there are a lot of different approaches to boat hull maintenance and a lot of questions about what products do what.


At Hula Boat Care Products we have developed a one-step boat wax designed to restore gloss while leaving the surface protected with a wax polymer blend. This cleaner wax is designed to remove mild oxidation, blemishes and scuffs with ease – just like a polish.


The difference with Hang Ten Cleaner Wax is the surface is polished to a beautiful, high gloss finish and with a water repellent UV barrier.


It is important to use a boat cleaner wax instead of just applying wax over old wax. When you use a boat wax that is actually a cleaner wax you can actually remove oxidation and leave a prepared surface that will provide a higher gloss finish and lasting results.


Versatility is the key with this product as it can be applied by hand or polishing machine to provide the results you are looking for.


Be advised that fiberglass or gelcoat is very tough material. You must be very intentional with your polishing. We often use a circular polisher including the Makita 9227C.


For a complete boat wax treatment it’s a three, or more, step process and there are no shortcuts:


Step 1: Wash thoroughly and stay away from aggressive household cleaners like dawn.


Step 2: Prep and Polish. Use a machine, preferably a circular, but we have had success with random orbitals like a Cyclo Polisher, but it takes a lot more work. For heavy oxidation and scratches use Riptide Liquid Compound. For light oxidation start with Hang Ten Cleaner Wax.


Step 3: Seal. I use an acrylic sealer like Big Kahuna Polymer Sealant. Put on alt least two coats because you always miss some areas on the first application.


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John Lakkis

After using the three part system (compound, hang ten wax, and sealant) I believe the name should be changed to time machine in a bottle! Thanks for creating such a wonderful product.
1985 Bayliner Owner
Happy Customer

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