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Hula Boat Care Products Introduces

Gnarly Water Spot Remover

This product depends on fruit acids to effectively break up and dissolve lime, mineral deposits and similar contaminants that have dried and bonded to the surfaces of your boat without stripping the wax on the surface.

Hula Boat Care Products Introduces

Riptide Liquid Compound

Formulated specifically for gel coats and hard finishes, this product rapidly cuts and removes heavy oxidation, deep stains and blemishes that have prematurely aged a boat.

Hula Boat Care Melb Boat Show DWC MarineSmallDWC Marine Audio at the Melbourne Boat Show –
2013 Australia

Look for Hula Boat Care Products at the 2013 Melbourne Boat Show. Stop by and learn more about Hula Boat Care products designed specifically for boats, gel coats and marine grade vinyls.

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